Sherrece VILLAFANA - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Name : Sherrece VILLAFANA
Age : 19
Height : 175
Country : Trinidad & Tobago
Population : 1,227,505

"I am Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2013 Sherrece Villafana and what excites me most about Miss World is the opportunity to meet the incredibly gifted and beautiful young women from all across the globe."

19 year old Sherrece describes herself as a “very ambitious and determined young woman.” Showing artistic flair, she has ambitions of studying Graphic Design at university before specializing in Fashion Design, her preferred career. No stranger to danger, Sherrece is a fan of boxing and she also enjoys football. In her spare time she likes to draw, and her favourite foods are cooked on a barbeque.
In Her Own Words...

"My name is Sherrece Villafana, I am 19 and I would be representing Trinidad and Tobago at Miss World 2013.

I have four sisters and three brothers. I live with my grandmother and I am currently in my second year of studying towards earning my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Arts. I hope to one day become a world famous fashion model or actress.

I am an avid footballer and I box. I also play my country's national instrument - the steelpan and I am hoping to end my country's 26 year title drought at Miss World.

My island home is a tropical paradise with a diverse cultural and ethnic background, year round lively festivals and multinational cuisines.I would encourage anyone to visit, especially at Carnival time.

My personal motto is “Live boldly and bloom to your fullest potential by taking small but fearless daily actions in the direction of your dreams.
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