SAFE! How to update Windows 7 pirated

Are the windows we use it was really genuine or pirated ..? because of my personal experience when buying Laptops from his shop already installed windows 7 or windows 8 because I felt his windows genuine notifications when there are updates from windows so I download and install all of my ... eeehhhh apparently what happened ..?? I detected a pirated windows and caused my windows so its not genuine anymore walaaahh ..

Immediately wrote to the topic of how to safely update windows 7 is genuine but pirated,, for who already know its pirated windows do not be afraid and do not kuwatir to update windows update is no safe way for kok .. Those who are already often upapdate possible thing that could've made that has not yet been such steps.

Find all of the windows updates do not forget konneksi'kan computer to the Internet. I think you've been able to update the steps still do not know yet if it can be read first How to update windows 7 directly from the windows.

How to update Windows 7 pirated follow the following steps :

Windows >> Control panel >> system and Scurity >> Check for updates >> Install the update (it is automatically installed normal but also depending on your settings) cek for update Windows
Do check for updates to find out what information updates to Computer pal.KB971033 windows Activation
Once the scan is complete update will appear candela display like thisdouwload Update Windows
Then Select and Mark the updates will be downloaded and then Ok. and wait until the installation process is complete. if there is demand in the restart yours restart ... instal update Upadate Windows
Important : For those of you who believe its original windows should update all. But if you do not even know windowsnya pirated sure to uncheck windows 7 update for windows 7 (KB971 033) why so ..? because (KB 971 033) by the windows in use to detect whether our windows Genuine or pirated. so let not kedeteksi key principal we Pirated windows update (KB 971033) is.

I hope this little explanation and adds to our knowledge Amien. If my explanation is less understandable yaa understand because I am not a computer expert. Read also my article SAFE! How to Fix ACTIVE DESKTOP RECOVERY Windows XP

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