Conclusion of Whether HUMAN

Conclusion of whether human - This is the last post of my paper entitled MAN in view of Philosophy, Theory Descendensi, Metaphysics and Psikomatik if you have not read the beginning click here to get started.



Philosophical view of man can be considered from several points of view, ie from:

1. Theory descendensi
Descendensi theory laid parallel to the human animal by mechanical causes. It means that human beings are not much different from the animals, including animals which humans think, do all the activities of life, man is also not different from the lactating animals.

2. Metaphysics
Metaphysics is a theory that sees the existence of something beyond or behind the physical. In theory this man is viewed from two things :

# Physical, consisting of the substance. It means that human beings are created consists of several cells, which can be in the senses by the senses.

# Ruh, identical to the human soul that include imagination, ideas, feelings and appreciation of all that can not be sensed by the five senses.

3. Psikomatik
Views the human body consists of only having the need to maintain continuity means that humans require primary needs (food, clothing and shelter) for survival.

Humans consist of cells that require the material tends to be governed by worldly economic values ​​(assessed with the property / money) means that humans require temporal needs to be met, if the requirements are met then they will be satisfied with the achievement.

Humans also consists of a spirit that requires spiritual values ​​are governed by religious values ​​(reward). In earthly life man needs religion, through religious lectures to meet spiritual needs. In this case the man wants to be the most perfect human being.

To be a perfect human being should have the following elements :
a. Rationality
b. Awareness
c. Reason
d. Spirituality
e. Morality
f. Charity
g. Harmony with nature

From the description of beginning to end is hopefully Companions uphil n RAGHiel possible to conclude whether it is in fact human. please leave a comment as a trail you have read this article thanks. Education continues to advance Indonesia ..!

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