Definition of Human According to Psikomatik

Definition of Human According to Psikomatik - The third post is a continuation of my post titled MAN in view of Philosophy, Theory Descendensi, Metaphysics and Psikomatik. If you have not read the first part please click here and here to read part two
Definition of Human According to Psikomatik

4. Psikomatik

Views the human body consists of only having the need to maintain continuity means that humans require primary needs (food, clothing and shelter) for survival.

Humans consist of cells that require the material tends to be governed by worldly economic values ​​(assessed with the property / money) means that humans require temporal needs to be met, if the requirements are met then they will be satisfied with the achievement.

Humans also consists of a spirit that requires spiritual values ​​are governed by religious values ​​(reward). In earthly life man needs religion, through religious lectures to meet spiritual needs.

Perfect human being if developed elements :

1. Rationality
Rationalism etymologically derived from the English word rationalism. The word stems from the Latin word ratio, which means "sense". A.R. Lacey7 added that based on the root of rationalism is a reasonable view to hold that a source of knowledge and justification. Meanwhile, it is seen as a terminological flow stream adhering to the principle that the mind should be given a leading role in the explanation. He emphasized the reason (ratio) as the main source of knowledge, precedes or superior to, and independent (apart) from sensory observation.

The mindset of the rationalism
Rationalism or rationalist movement is a philosophical doctrine that states that the truth should be determined by evidence, logic, and analysis based on facts, rather than through faith, dogma, or dogma. Rationalism has some similarities in terms of ideology and purpose with humanism and atheism, in that they aim to provide a vehicle for social and philosophical discourse outside of religious or superstitious beliefs. Even so, there are differences in the two forms: Humanism is centered on human society and its success. Rationalism does not claim that humans are more important than animals or other natural elements. There rationalism rationalist philosophy which is firmly opposed to the anthropocentric humanism. Atheism is a state without a belief in God or gods; rationalism does not declare any representations regarding the existence of gods, although he rejected any belief that only by faith. Although there is a strong influence of atheism in modern rationalism, not all rationalists are atheists.

2. Awareness
Man is said to have perfect human consciousness when human life. Human consciousness means doing everything at the instigation of the self rather than coercion of the state lain.Kesadaran is one in which he knows / understands clearly what he had in mind. While the mind can be defined in many meanings, such as memory, thinking results, sense, idea or purpose / intent.

As an illustration to clarify, for example, there is a child see the balloons. The state saw himself realized that he was called consciousness. While the balloon he saw the cause of the contention or green called mind (perception). Nice and lovely reactions so that the child is a form of feeling love. Then reactions mind of the balloon it is the intention / desire / intention. The word mind means that there is a very wide use in the context of the intent or will.

3. Reason
Good reason to steer people to the straight path. Maybe at some point humans will retreat or stray the wrong way. But the reason this is going to attempt to straighten out the back way of life kita.Akal mind this is the greatest gift of God to man. This is what separates us from the animals or even plants. With it we can learn and deepen faith. With this faith man with his intellect capable of knowing God.

But many people are fooled because of the limitations of his intellect and the human mind considers contrary to the faith. But the truth is that faith as a guiding reason that human life does not deviate trip aka the wrong way. And the reason we can deepen faith. By faith, man is capable of knowing God and walking straight toward him.

4. Spirituality
In some literature explained that the word "spiritual" is taken from the Latin, Spiritus, which means something that gives life or vitality. With the vitality of our lives will become more "alive". Spiritus is not a label or identity of the person who received / provided by outside parties, such as religion, but rather an innate capacity of the human brain. That is, all human beings are born into this world already equipped with a certain capacity in the brain to access the most fundamental thing in his life. If the capacity is used / enabled, then the question will have a better life vitality. Capacity in the brain that functions to access the most fundamental things that later get Ilmiyah designations, such as: Spiritual intelligence (SQ), Sense Heart (Heart Intelligence), Transcendental Intelligence, and others.

Spiritual within us always pushing to find the deeper meaning of life, the fundamental values ​​that are more useful, awareness of the purpose of life is longer, and the role played by the meaning, value, and purpose it in action, strategy and process thinking.

5. Morality
According to Indonesian Dictionary General (Nurudin, 2001) means teaching good moral-general received the bad deeds, attitudes, obligations, etc., morals, manners, and moral values. While the moral good is having bad judgment, good morals. According to Immanuel Kant (Magnis Suseno, 1992), morality is the assurance and inner attitude and is not merely an adjustment to the rules of the outside, whether it's state law, religion or customs. Further it is said that, the quality of one's moral criteria are kesetiaanya on his own. Morality is the implementation of the obligations of respect for the law, while the law itself is written in the human heart. In other words, morality is determined to follow what the heart is recognized as an absolute obligation.

6. Charity
Devinisi ManusiaSosialisasi refers to a learning process that will transform an individual from someone who does not know anything about themselves and their surroundings to better know and understand. Agents of socialization include family, friends play, school and mass media. The family is the first agent in the socialization encountered by children in early development. Then the peer group as an agent of socialization where the child will learn about setting up role-based people equal. School as an agent of socialization is an educational institution in which the students during the school day will study aspects of independence, achievement, universalism and specificity. The latter is an agent of socialization where the mass media through socialization messages and symbols that are delivered by a variety of media will also give rise to a variety of opinions in society.

In the framework of interaction with others, a person will develop a uniqueness in terms of behavior, thoughts and feelings which together will form the self.

7. Harmony with nature
The relationship between man and nature or man's relationship with his neighbor, not a relationship between the conquerors and the conquered, or the god with servants, but the relationship of togetherness in submission to Allah SWT. Man ordered to portray his caliphate functions that concern, preservation and maintenance. Do justice and not act arbitrarily to all beings so harmonious relationship between man and nature is able to provide a positive impact for both. Therefore man is commanded to learn and develop their knowledge in order to maintain the natural balance of nature and the increasing belief in Allah SWT. It is a form of gratitude to Allah SWT

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