MAN in view of Philosophy, Theory Descendensi, Metaphysics and Psikomatik

MAN in view of Philosophy, Theory Descendensi, Metaphysics and Psikomatik - whether human understanding? About Humans? Definition of Man? Humans sense? If you want to know the answers of all the get here. This article is very long because then UPHil n RAGHiel share a few posts. read it all if you want to know about whether it is human.
MAN in view of Philosophy, Theory Descendensi, Metaphysics and Psikomatik
Philosophy, Theory Descendensi, Metaphysics and Psikomatik

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1. Man in Philosophy view

Who is the man? Where's he from? Where the position and function of the human? Then what is the purpose of man? Some of the questions will not be worn all the time when discussing the question of human subject.

In mantiq science (logic) man called Al-Insanu hayawanun nathiq (humans are animals who think). Nathiq same as speaking and issuing his opinion based on his mind. As a man thinks different animals with animals. Although basically human physiological functions of the body and is no different to animals, but animals rely more on his animal functions, namely instinct, behavior patterns characteristic, which in turn is determined by the function animalistic also innate nervous structure. The higher the level of development of the animal, the more flexible patterns of actions and the complete lack of structural adjustment should be done at the time of the birth.

At higher primates (monkeys nation) can even be found intelligence that uses the mind to achieve the desired goals that allow an animal to go beyond the patterns of behavior that have been outlined by instinct. But as high animal development, the basic elements of existence that still remains the same particular.

Man realized that he was very different from any animal. But to understand who the real man is not an easy matter. This is evident from the discussion about the man himself that has lasted so long. Probably since humans were given the ability to think systematically, questions about who he began to arise. However, information in writing about this new age thinkers traceable to the ancient Romans who supposedly started from Thales (6th century BC).

2. Teori Descendensi

Some philosophers differ in defining human thought. Human beings are concerned (put considerable interest) to the things associated with it, so there is no stopping always ask and think.

Aristotle (384-322 BC)
the great Greek philosopher argued that man is a reasonable animal, which issued its opinion, which is based on sense-mind talk. Also humans are political animals (zoonpoliticon, political animal), animal communities build upon the families become impersonal groupings of the village and the country. Human politics because he has a language that allows it to communicate with others. And in human societies recognize the justice and order that must be obeyed. It's different from animals that have never tried to think of a dream of justice.

Based on Thomas Hobbes
Homo Homini Lupus means wolf man is one of mankind (based on the nature and character)
Lust of the most powerful of human desires is to defend itself, or in other words, the fear of losing their lives.

According to Nietzsche
That humans as animals lack (a shortage animal). It also states that human beings as animals that were never completed or never satisfied (das rucht festgestelte tier). It means humans are never satisfied in meeting their needs.

According to Julien
That man is man no different from animals because man is a machine that continues to work (de lamittezie). It means that from human activities until he started waking again sleeping man does not cease to move.

According to Ernest Haeskel
That man is (animalisme), there was no sanction that all things truly human is an animal that is segmented spinal mammals. Undoubtedly means that humans are equal to animals who are breastfeeding.

According to William Ernest
That man is an animal that thinks in terms of totality, and the animals were soulless. It means that human beings have a mind to think of all things and humans have souls.

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