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According to Adi natural state that small part of the universe that is on the earth.
Most of animate beings, most of the nation antropomoker, feeding animals, but creatures who know the state of nature, which is to know and be able to master the forces of nature outside and within him (physically and mentally).

The conclusion :
# Descendensi theory that humans put parallel to the animal by mechanical causes.
# Features ruhaniyah humans compared with animals seen in the fact that human beings are thinking, politics, have the freedom / independence, have self-aware, have norms, handyman or specifically ask humans are civilized creatures.
# Humans have activity similar to the activities undertaken by the animal.

3. Metaphysics flow

Metaphysics comes from the Greek meta ta physica which may imply that there is something beyond or behind the physical objects.

Prof. ManusiaMenurut sense. S. Alisyahbana destiny, metaphysics is divided into two major categories, namely:

1. That the quantity (amount)
That the quantity consists of:
a. monism
Monism is the flow which suggests that the key elements of all this is that there is one (one).
b. dualism
Dualism is the flow of the opinion that there is an essential element that there are two, namely spirit and matter.
c. pluralism
Pluralism is a stream which argues that the constituent nature of reality is a lot.

2. That the quality (properties)

That the quality is also divided into two major parts, namely:
a. who see the true nature remains
Who belonged to the first (fixed) is:
Spiritualism, the flow of which it is argued that the essence of the spirit.
Materialism, the flow was found to be the essence of the material.

b. who see the true nature of the incident.
Who belonged to the second (event) is:
Mechanism, namely the belief that the flow of world events is valid by itself according to the law of cause and effect.
Teleology flow, ie the flow is believed that one incident related to other events, not by the law of cause and effect, but solely by a common purpose.

Philosophical view of the flow of metaphysics is looking at something that is in man which is as follows:

1. Versatile substance: man made up of cells that refer to materialism / something real / exist. Assume that there are really only matter that could be captured by the senses.

2. Versatile spirit: synonymous with soul, includes memory, imagination, will, feelings, appreciation.

Thus, the origin of an existing human being and not depend on others. Human nature is that of a soul breathed by God. It means that human beings are composed of substances that exist in the spirit given by God to lead people to live. Humans have the physical body. In addition to the human body also has a soul or that can not be captured by the five senses which include memory associated with the soul, ideas, imagination, volition, feeling and appreciation.

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