Red fruit can cure HIV Aids

Red fruit can cure HIV Aids - red fruit is a fruit that comes from the land of Papua, Indonesia. Red fruit is classified as a fruit that is very special because it is said to cure diseases that until now there is no cure, namely HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).
Red fruit can cure HIV Aids
In addition to HIV, red berries can also cure some diseases, such as :

1. Cancer or tumor
2. Hypertension (high blood pressure).
3. Uric acid
4. Stroke
5. Eye disorders
6. Diabetes
7. Osteoporosis
8. Increases libido (aphrodisiac)
9. Help improve intelligence

Red fruit juice was first introduced as an efficacious health supplements by Drs. I Made Budi, M.S. At the beginning of this study, red fruit that has been processed and distributed to the families of the neighboring Dr Made who was then being sick. Because of proven, news about the efficacy of red fruit was quickly spread.
Red fruit cure HIV Aids

Thanks to word of mouth promotion anyway, more than 1,000 people in various regions and countries have now felt the efficacy of red juice. Pandanus fruit that has a name that is believed conoideus potent increase endurance, so it can help weaken the HIV / AIDS virus, according to Healthmad.

Tocopherol, alfatokoferol, and beta-carotene contained in the red fruit known as an anti-oxidant that can counteract free radicals. It is a compound that supports the healing process of cancer, tumor, HIV. The anti-oxidant compounds can suppress and kill the cancer cells are dangerous.

Additionally, tocopherol in red fruit also contains a lot of vitamin E, which can thin the blood. This is very good for people with stroke. One trigger stroke is high blood pressure and blood clotting, which can cause blood vessel rupture. Rupture of blood vessels is called a stroke.
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