Marilyn RAMOS - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from SOUTH AFRICA

Name : Marilyn RAMOS
Age : 22
Height : 174
Country : South Africa
Population : 48,810,427

My name is Marilyn Ramos and am proudly representing my beloved country, South Africa, the home of world icon Nelson Mandela  in the Miss World Pageant 2013

22 year old Marilyn was born and raised in the small town of Klorksdorp. Currently studying Interior Architecture & Marketing at university, Marilyn is also a qualified fitness instructor. Describing herself as a “passionate young lady who is driven to strive for excellence”, she has dual aspirations of opening her own fitness centre and starting an interior design firm. Her hobbies include travel and photography, and her favourite foods are fresh fruit and vegetables.

About Me...

"After proudly growing up as a small town girl, Marilyn went off enjoying the city buzz of Pretoria, studying Interior Architecture. Her passion for health and fitness encouraged her to complete her qualification in personal fitness training. Standing 1.74m tall this 22 year old carries her MISS SOUTH AFRICA title with pride, as her love for her country is seen by all each day. Marilyn firmly believes that the potential hidden in her diverse country is what sets South Africa apart as the Rainbow Nation, filled with hope and revival.

Marilyn is involved with the elderly, showing appreciation to those forgotten generations who have laid solid foundations to today's society. She is a Ambassador for Cotlands, a baby home, working strongly with her motto "every child needs a Hero to become a hero". Marilyn has also become a Elandela Rhino Survivor Trust ambassador perusing awareness to save the worlds Rhinos from extinction.

Being a passionate child of Christ, I strive to let the fire in me shine, providing a light for those in any dark places and being a beacon of hope for all."
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