Miss WORLD 2013 from SOUTH SUDAN

Modong Manuela MOGGA - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from SOUTH SUDAN

Name : Modong Manuela MOGGA
Age : 21
Height : 176
Country : South Sudan
Population : 8,260,490

"Ana bi rahib be nas kulu wa kaman jamilat bi ta alam wa nas bita malka jamal bita alam"

Modong was born in Juba, splitting her time growing up between Juba and Uganda. Describing herself as “humble, a good listener and a hardworking young lady”, Modong has aspirations of becoming a doctor and opening a children’s home. Her hobbies include playing netball, listening to gospel music and her talents include singing. Her personal motto is “Do what you love and love what you do, there is treasure in every challenge and there is no limit to life”

In Her Own Words...

"My name is Modong Manuela Mogga. I am 21 years old joining Medical school this year. I like to sing, play basketball, netball and listen to music. I am a first born of four beautiful girls, lucky to have both parents so loving, caring and very supportive.

I come from South Sudan, a land of beauty and resources, of very amazing, hard working, and beautiful people with diverse cultures.

I enjoy doing charity work whenever opportunity comes to do so, because I believe everyone has a purpose and they can achieve it only if they trust themselves, love what they do and do what they love

And remember, in every challenge there is a treasure and there is no limit to life.
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