Miss WORLD 2013 from SRI LANGKA

Iresha Asanki DE SILVA - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from SRI LANGKA

Name : Iresha Asanki DE SILVA
Age : 22
Height : 173
Country : Sri Lanka
Population : 20,860,000

Iresha grew up in the Moratuwa district in South Colombo. Describing herself as “a very down to earth person” she enjoys playing badminton, watching movies and dancing, especially oriental performances. Iresha loves animals, and has a pet dog called Randy. She says she loves to help animals and fight for their rights. She enjoys reading Sinhala novels and her favourite food is milk rice.

In her own words...

"I am IRESHA ASANKI DE SILVA, the reigning Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2013.

I am 22 years old and live in Moratuwa a town renowned for exquisite wooden furniture, very close to Colombo. My family consists of my parents and two elder brothers.

I am employed as a Brand Ambassador at a leading Eye & Hearing Care Specialist and involved with helping children with hearing disabilities. During my leisure, I undertake modeling contracts, read novels and spend time with pets. My ambition in life is to have my own modeling agency and also use my title to bring glory to my Country."
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