Miss WORLD 2013 from ST KITTS & NEVIS

Trevicia ADAMS - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from ST KITTS & NEVIS

Name : Trevicia ADAMS
Age : 22
Height : 170
Country : St Kitts & Nevis
Population : 51,300

"From the islands of unmatched hospitality, rich culture and beauty, I am 22 year old Trevicia Adams of St.Kitts and Nevis."

22 year old Trevicia describes herself as a “humble and ambitious individual”. Growing up in Newtown, Basseterre, Trevicia has seen most of the Caribbean Islands, and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. A customer services rep, she has aspirations of completing a degree in Human Resources Management to further her chances of a career in the industry. In her spare time she enjoys playing netball, eating home-cooked food and she loves to dance.

In Her Own Words...

"A stunning smile and gentle eyes that hold a spark of shyness and kindness are the key qualities that first endear you to me. I am 22 years old and affectionately known to most as "Barbie".  I praise my success on the support of my family which consists of my mother, my older brother, my sister and of course my dog Toots, whose constant encouragement has helped me to blossom from a timid child to a determined, talented and ambitious young woman.

Introduced to the stage at the tender age of 11 by my older sister, I was encouraged to join her Afro-Caribbean dance group, the Okolo Tegremantine Dancers. She also introduced me to modeling and pageantry and here I am today representing my country in the 63rd Miss World pageant.

My involvement in these activities have  molded me into the woman I am with  strong morals, poise, confidence and the skills necessary to make me a winner in both my personal and  professional journey."
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