Petra CABRERA-BADIA - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from US VIRGIN ISLANDS

Age : 21
Height : 178
Country : US Virgin Islands
Population : 109,750

Hi, I am Petra Cabrera, Miss US Virgin Islands.  Please show your support by liking and sharing my page.

Petra describes herself as a “strong and determined young lady, willing to work hard to succeed”. Currently working in a medical office support role, she has ambitions of studying Business Administration with a view to starting her own business. Her hobbies include boxing, playing volleyball and performing community services. Her talents include drawing and performing traditional Caribbean dance and she is fond of Latin cuisine.
In Her Own Words...
"My name is Petra Cabrera I am a 21 year old representing the United States Virgin Islands. I was born in the Dominican Republic, but have resided in the Virgin Islands for over five years now. I enjoy traveling to different countries and experiencing individual cultures. My hobbies include running, volleyball, modeling, and pageantry. I love to taste different foods from around the world, but my favorite would be Latin food.  My greatest strength is my outgoing personality and my positive outlook on life.

I aim to be an inspiration to those young ladies who feel they can’t accomplish their dreams because of low self-esteem. In my opinion, if I can motivate young ladies to reach their goals, then this pageant is already a success for me."
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