Miss WORLD 2013 from PUERTO RICO

Nadyalee TORRES - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from PUERTO RICO

Name : Nadyalee TORRES
Age : 25
Height : 175
Country : Puerto Rico
Population : 3,706,690

"Hola! Mis nombre es Nadyalee Torres y estoy feliz de poder estar muy pronto en Indonesia en representación de la mujer puertorriqueña! Los muy veo pronto!!"

Nadyalee is a medical student, with plans of following her degree with a masters’ in Dialysis & Family Counseling. Describing herself as a warrior, she grew up in Aguas Buenas, describing her childhood as difficult. Overcoming her upbringing, Nadyalee has dual aspirations of a career in medicine, as well as pursuing her love of performing, whether it be acting or singing. In her spare time she enjoys paining, singing and reading scientific and psychology books. Her favourite food is Italian Cuisine.
In Her Own Words...


My name is Nadyalee Torres and I have been given the privilege to represent my beautiful island of Puerto Rico in the Miss World Competition this September. I have been working very hard at the Niñito Jesus Home, were homeless children are taken care of. I

have learned so much and can't wait to share it with the other contestants who probably have many things to share as well about their beauty with a purpose work.

See you in Indonesia!"
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