Miss WORLD 2013 from SERBIA

Aleksandra DOKNIC - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from SERBIA

Name : Aleksandra DOKNIC
Age : 19
Height : 179
Country : Serbia
Population : 7,120,666

"Moje ime je Aleksandra Doknic, student Fakulteta organizacionih nauka u Beogradu, obozavam konjicke igre i svog konja Cezara."

Aleksandra is a 19 year old student, born and raised in the city of Pozarevac. Starting university this October, she will be studying at the Faculty of Economics, with aspirations of starting her own business in the field of financial engineering in the future. She describes herself as “persistent, tolerant, creative and ambitious”, and has been involved in several humanitarian actions over the past few years. Her interests include reading, painting, dancing, and acting, and her favourite foods include fish, salad, and vegetables. 

In Her Own Words...

"My name is Alexandra Doknic I was born in Pozarevac. This year I graduated from high school and plan to enroll in the Faculty of Economics. In my free time I like to go for a run and it relaxes me to draw portraits of modern young women. I really love long walks with friends and trips with them in the wild. I really love traveling and one of my big dreams is to travel the world.

I am very temperamental and what I imagine to achieve, worry of my goals is to someday become a strong and independent woman with a degree in hand, my education is really important. I really love animals from a young age I dream that one day I will have my own animal shelter, and I hope that I will one day realize it. I have one dog, which my parents gave for my 15th birthday, a French poodle. His name is Nole. His name was given because my mom loves our famous tennis player Novak Djokovic. Nole as the fifth member of our family.

Also in my hometown of Pozarevac are horses, and there is one my favorite horse, whom I visit every day, in my spare time I ride him, this time with my horse flies so fast. Love him very much, and since the Pozarevcu every year is traditionally organized equestrian games, always bet on him. In addition I have a cat Tom, and always when I'm sad they really cheer up my time with them, we fly.

My pets, animals in general, long walks with friends, trips to the countryside with my family, are what fulfills me every day. Modeling I started to deal with last year when I won the niveino face, and later winning the pageant Serbia. Ambitions are my travels and one of the most important is about to graduate from college. This is a short story about me..."
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