Miss WORLD 2013 from PERU

Elba FAHSBENDER MERINO - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from PERU

Age : 21
Height : 179
Country : Peru
Population : 29,496,000

Elba was born in Lima and grew up in Piura, a northern city famed for its fantastic seafood. Currently studying Business Management at university, Elba has aspirations of starting her own company to contribute to social assistance programmes. Her hobbies include cooking and reading, and she enjoys listening to pop and música criolla. Her personal motto is "Everyday gives you a reason to be happy; enjoy, smile, kiss, help, and share."

In Her Own Words...

"As a 21 year old Business Administration student from a small town in northern Peru, Elba Fahsbender had dreams and ambitions of using her education to help disadvantaged communities through social economic autonomy programs. By serving as an Ambassador of Artisans and by being inspired by her own cultural roots, Elba developed a strong interest in the promotion and innovation of Peruvians artisan heritage as a means to generate income for rural communities.

Her love for helping people also compels Elba to participate in social programs that aim to make a difference with children that have special needs. She is a positive and optimistic person who believes that making the best of every moment is a blessing to share with and learn from others.

Even with the difficulties and challenges in the world today, Elba hopes that each successive generation does not lose sight that by working together, we can help build a brighter future."
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