Miss WORLD 2013 from PARAGUAY

Coral RUIZ REYES - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from PARAGUAY

Name : Coral RUIZ REYES
Age : 22
Height : 175
Country : Paraguay
Population : 6,454,548

Coral is in her first year studying Fashion Design at University. She describes herself as “sensitive, enterprising and optimistic” and her personal motto is “Learn to enjoy the beautiful moments in life, letting go of all the negative things.” Having already had experience in the world of fashion, Coral has aspirations of a career in the industry, primarily as a top designer. Her hobbies include cross-fit and oil painting, she enjoys a variety of music, and her favourite foods include seafood and tasty broths.
In Her Own Words...

"I'm Coral Ruiz Reyes....... Coralita Coral for many and for all who consider me their representative!

I come from a family where I was taught good values of life, sincere, humility and above all love of neighbor.

I consider myself a Paraguayan of excellence, as a worthy heir to the Residentas, feisty and tenacious, to achieve the objective.

Today my struggle is worldwide achieve the scepter, with the help of all.

A big hug in the world."
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