Miss WORLD 2013 from NORWAY

Name : Alexandra Marie BACKSTRÖM
Age : 23
Height : 176
Country : Norway
Population : 5,003,000

"Denne siden er laget for å støtte Miss World Norway. Miss World konkurransen er den eldste internasjonale skjønnhetskonkurransen som ennå arrangeres"

Alexandra Marie BACKSTRÖM - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from NORWAY

Alexandra was born and raised in Oslo, where she is currently a student. Having graduated with a degree in Archaeology, she has switched her focus to journalism with ambitions of writing career. Whether it is working in the local media, writing books or reporting as a warzone correspondent, she is keen for a career in this field. In her spare time she enjoys playing soccer, athletics, and reading literature. Her favourite artists are Beyonce and Lana del Ray. She describes herself as “lively, fun, and ambitious... with a big heart”.

In Her Own Words...

"My name is Alexandra Marie Backstrøm. I was born in Oslo, the capital of Norway, the 18th of June 1988. I’m the oldest of three siblings. I’m very adventurous and left the nest at an early age. I started my modelling career at 14, and have since lived in both Germany and the U.K. While modelling I also studied Archaeology at the University in Oslo, and I’m currently studying Journalism.

Norway is a country of huge contrast, from the tallest mountaintops to the deepest fjords – the cold and icy north to the warm and sunny south. I’m a woman of huge contrast as well, and I believe myself to be a worthy Miss Norway. I love travelling, but I also love the comfort of my home and family. Staying in and reading is one of my favourite activities, but I also love watching Soccer games and I might very well be the loudest one there. I can spend hours in a quiet gallery or museum, and the next day I’ll be rocking it out at a rock concert.

It’s an honour to be representing my beautiful country in the Miss World contest, I’m sure I will make both friends and memories for life in Indonesia."

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