Miss WORLD 2013 from SINGAPORE

Maria Anna ZENIERIS - Contestant Miss WORLD 2013 from SINGAPORE

Name : Maria Anna ZENIERIS
Age : 18
Height : 166
Country : Singapore
Population : 5,183,700

Maria-Anna is a passionate and driven individual “who never fails to have fun, no matter what I do.” She was born in Ghana before moving to Singapore, where she is currently a student. In the future she hopes to work for the UN as a child psychologist. In her spare time, Maria-Anna enjoys playing hockey, dancing, and playing the piano. She enjoys listening to a variety of music, from Baroque to Mainstream pop. She likes to read the works of Tolstoy and her favourite food is Asia’s “King of fruits” the Durian.

In Her Own Words...

"Maria-Anna is half Greek and half Chinese. She is proud of the rich culture and multicultural aspects of Singapore and is proud to call herself a Singaporean. She is multilingual, multitalented, well-travelled and a true global citizen. She spent her early years living in Ghana and as a result became passionate about charity work.

Next year she will be studying to work directly with children in disaster and war affected areas in less developed countries. Maria-Anna’s favourite authors are Leo Tolstoy and Henrik Ibsen.

She also loves classical music and is a trained opera singer. Maria is passionate, kind and driven to make a difference."
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